Everyone has a story.

We Are. Wagga Wagga is a space for sharing our stories and connecting with the people who live in our community.


$1 from each copy of Volume 2 sold goes to Wagga Women's Health Centre.


zohab zee khan


Poet Zohab Zee Khan is a proud Muslim, Punjabi, Pakistani fourth generation Australian, who draws on his upbringing in Wagga in his poetry.

Kate Morell


Kate Morell has Usher Syndrome, which means one day she will be both deaf and blind. But she is so much more than her just her condition. 

johnny gorkom


Johnny ‘Pop’ Gorkom’s hands tell his story. The former Australian boxing champion has worked nightshift in bakeries for more than 50 years.

holly conroy


In May 2016, Holly Conroy entered the world as the woman she was destined to be, a Facebook post making her very private life public.

julie mecham


After fighting bone cancer as a child, Julie Mecham knows she is here for a reason – helping the women of Wagga access the services they need.

frank newah-jarfoi


Frank Newah-Jarfoi has seen things mostof us only face in our nightmares. Frank came to Australia in 2009 to forge a meaningful new life.

amy gray


Inspired by her son, Harrison, Amy Gray is the driving force behind Marvelous Max, an initiative teaching kids how to deal with difference.

liz stephens


Liz Stephens has been a pilot, an electrical engineer, an marathon runner and a foster mum. She also happens to be Commanding Officer at Kapooka.

aman pasricha


As a Sikh, Dr Aman Pasricha believes all races, religions and genders are created equal. How appropriate for our diversity issue!

wade kelly


Sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspectives to show us the things we cannot see for ourselves. Canadian Wade Kelly makes some observations of our city.

ryan miller


Ever wondered how much training goes into competing in the world’s toughest tests of physical and mental endurance? We ask Ryan Miller.

aunty flo grant


Aunty Flo Grant has lived every bit of her 81 years, in large part pursuing the dreams of her 13-year-old self.